Confessions of a Windows User

I admit it. I use Windows and not OSX. Yes I tried OSX for about a month when I bought my very cool new MacBook Air. But it didn’t stick. Here’s why.

1. Blurry type – From the beginning, the words on the screen didn’t seem as crisp as what I was used to on my old WinXP machine. I have come to learn that Apple is more concerned about being true to the shape of the original typeface than shaping fonts so they map well to the pixels on the screen. Here is a good explanation of the issue.

2. MS Office – I waited until MS released the new version of Office for Mac 2011 that included Outlook.

a. I’ve been a dedicated Outlook user since the very first day it was released. This new Mac version is horrible. It can’t do simple things like open the next message when I delete a message. There is no “card view” in contacts. It is hard to have multiple Outlook windows open at the same time—I like one each for mail, calendar and contacts.

b. Excel – My work requires heavy use of Excel and the first thing I noticed about Excel in Office for Mac 2011 was how slow it was. Just to insert a new row took more than a second. That alone was enough to force me to switch.

3. Resizing windows on the screen – Apple insists that we use only a small corner in the bottom right to resize a window. MS allows dragging from any side or corner—who wouldn’t want that?

4. Folder organization – I suspect there are ways to organize Mac folders that I didn’t find but I like to sort my files by date and have all the folders grouped together.

There are many wonderful features in OSX that I’m sure I would enjoy but together they aren’t enough to overcome the problems, at least for me.


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